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For more than 30 years the GEVO-GmbH has been well known in Europe as a German producer and wholesaler of a wide range of high-quality pet and wild bird food for year-round feeding. Our priority has always been to produce animal friendly quality products and not just cheap mixtures.

Our wild bird seed is regularly verified and optimized in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter Berthold of the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology, ornithological station Radolfzell.

To ensure constantly the required very high quality of all our raw materials we only buy and use top-quality seeds of the latest harvest from the best growing regions in the world. We only work together with long-term and reliable suppliers.

In our new plant in Leer they merge to the well-known Premium quality of all our products.

To reach the high purity of our seeds – we have no tolerance to Ambrosia – we are cleaning with modern and special machines to get the best effect against impurity and the least impact to the seeds. A powerful and careful packaging of all sizes makes our production strong and effective.

You will find more information on our homepage: www.gevo-gmbh.info
and during business hours on telephone: +49 (0) 491 – 45 45 03-0.

Feel free to visit us in the beautiful town of Leer in Ostfriesland up in the north-western part of Germany.

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GEVO wächst weiter!

Um dem ständig steigenden Auftrags-Volumen auch weiterhin gerecht zu werden, erweiterte seine Lagerflächen um weitere 1.100 qm. Damit schaffte weitere dringend benötigte Hochregal-Lagerflächen, Paletten-Stellplätze sowie Kommissionier-Flächen. Im Zuge dieser Erweiterung wurden alle Produktionszweige optimiert sowie die Warenströme effektiver gestaltet.

Mitte November 2017 nahm den neuen Hallenbereich in Betrieb und erfüllte ihn mit Leben. Diese Investition wurde getätigt, um alle Kunden künftig noch effektiver zu betreuen. Für künftige Erweiterungen hält weitere Flächen vor.