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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peter Berthold convinced me that since last winter I have been feeding our birds all year round.

After some trial and error, your “GEVO wild bird food with insects” turned out to be very popular in our bird circles.

The small (hanging) feed silo with surrounding metal seat bar is used by the local titmice, robins and also by the hedge-brown accentor. I observe the same birds also under the feeding place, there they pick up the fallen down grains (etc.).

Source H. Sch. 13.08.2018


I have planted the wild bird food meadow next to my feed house and it is gladly accepted by birds and insects.

But also my parrots, for which I planted specially, are very enthusiastic about the “fresh green”.

Not only do they absorb healthy nutrients, they are also busy with them for a long time and they also have fun playing.

Many thanks for that.

Source U.Sch. 6/2018